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Some of Our Projects
Project Management Systems
Under appointment from the Rustenburg Local Municipality, the firm developed an integrated project management system for the Project Management Unit of the Directorate Infrastructure Development and Management. The Rustenburg application required a comprehensive approach to address all the needs of the Project Management Unit including, inter alia:

  • A status quo review process with detailed recommendations on policy, institutional, legal, environment, social, financial and technical aspects salient to the sound operations of the
    PMU and compliance to Government requirements stipulated in, inter alia, the Municipal
    Finance Management Act, the Municipal Infrastructure Grant as well as the Expanded Public
    Works Programme;

  • Development of an appropriate project management system and process meeting the specific needs of the municipality, including obtaining necessary information, setting up the system, training of municipal staff and appointing project service providers to fully comprehend and understand the system application and use in order to ensure ownership.

  • Assistance in full compliance with requirements in the fields of environment, social, occupation
    health and safety as well as procurement in line with principles of good corporate governance;

  • Skills transfer to functional municipal staff.
Supply Chain Management Systems and Processes
Under appointment from the North West Parks and Tourism Board, the firm assisted NWP&TB in the development of an appropriate Supply Chain Management policy and procedures document. The development process provided for inter alia, capacity building and orientation of relevant staff members on the supply chain management process required in terms of Government’s policies as well as the establishment of a fully fledged SCM function within NWP&TB.

Asset Management Systems
Under appointment from the North West Department of Transport, Roads and Community Safety, the organization was responsible for the development and operationalisation of an asset management system for the department’s road directorate. This appointment specifically provided for the population of a purpose-designed yellow fleet asset management system for the department through the verification, reconciliation and valuation of all yellow fleet infrastructure in the Province (some 1 700).

The process was undertaken in line with Treasury regulations and provided for the installation of an updated asset management system and database comprising of technical and financial details of each yellow fleet asset within the department.

Economic Empowerment Design & Application
The organisation was appointed by the North West Provincial Government to facilitate and provide business and technical advice to Government and the Taxi industry in the economic empowerment process of the Taxi industry in the North West Province. This process provided for the establishment of one Provincial holding company and five Regional Transport Co-operatives and the conclusion of joint venture partnerships with organisations in identified trading sectors of the Taxi industry in South Africa.

Through this appointment, JM Professional Services has facilitated the development of best business practice approaches and systems for the Taxi industry, not just in the North West but in South Africa as a whole inclusive of the development of a competitive and business-friendly organisational and institutional framework for the Taxi industry. The firm also facilitated Taxi industry participation in multi-million rand investments including, inter alia, the development of integrated public transport and commercial centres in the main centres of the North West Province.
Empowerment business modelling & organisational design
This appointment saw the firm work in close interaction with the National Department of Transport and the South African National Taxi Council in the development of a “business empowerment” model for the Taxi Industry in South Africa. This was done on a consultative basis through which the most appropriate business vehicle for the Taxi Industry in South Africa was identified and recommended to National Government.

National Taxi Strategy and Policy Development
In light of the organisation’s extensive experience in Taxi industry dynamics within South Africa through, inter alia, work done with the Taxi industry in the North West, Free State, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Limpopo Provinces, the firm was also appointed by National Department of Transport to develop, inter alia, an integrated funding strategy for the Taxi industry in South Africa, a policy and monitoring framework for the Taxi Recaptilisation Programme as well as a Taxi operations strategy for the South African Taxi industry.
Integrated transport planning
The firm was responsible for the development of an integrated strategy and plan for the metered taxi industry in South Africa. The development of this plan provided for a reconnaissance review of present metered taxi operations in South Africa, specifically considering their policy, regulatory, economic, social, institutional and technological environments and recommendations on best practice methods in respect of the metered taxi industry with specific consideration to the metered taxi industry in developed countries.

Parallel to this process, a WC2010 metered taxi plan, specifically considering the dynamics of WC2010 preparations including customer target audience and operational arrangements required was also developed for National Department of Transport.
Multi-Disciplinary Project Management
These DBSA funded projects saw the managing member of JM Professional Services as Project Coordinator and Programme Manager in the development of the reputable multi-billion rand Lesotho Highlands and Komati River Basin Multi-disciplinary projects; same that included advanced infrastructure development i.e. roads, electricity supply, telecommunications, dam construction, township development, compensation and community development programmes inclusive of institutional restructuring and support.
International Project Management Advisory Services
This appointment includes advisory services to the Central Bank of Seychelles to appropriately plan, finance, market and develop approximately 400 hectares of new land reclaimed from the sea as an integrated part of the strategy to broaden the economic base of Seychelles. The appointment also includes the development of a ten year development strategy (i.e. 2007-2017) as well as advice and assistance in raising funding from international markets for developmental projects. cheap ralph lauren shorts
Skills Development Design & Application
Through appointment by the Free State Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport, JM Professional Services assisted the Department in the development and management of an appropriate strategy aimed at a career path approach for training of road construction and maintenance staff within the Directorate of Road Construction and Maintenance. This R10m project was undertaken in close consultation with Construction SETA and resulted in the successful training of some 300 departmental staff. The project also provided for departmental orientation on required approaches in ensuring the successful achievement of construction sector skills targets identified by National Government.
Strategic & Business Plan Development
The firm has extensive experience in strategic and business plan development and has developed strategic & business plans for, inter alia, the North West Parks & Tourism Board, the Taxi industry at National and Provincial levels, the North West African Farmers Union, A re Ageng Forum, the North West Department of Transport, Roads and Community Safety Traffic Directorate.
Performance Management and Monitoring
Under appointment from the North West Department of Transport, Roads and Community Safety, the organisation was also appointed to enhance the skills of the Taxi industry in the Province, through performance review processes that provide for development of quarterly performance management reports. As part of this appointment, patek philippe Swiss Replica JM Professional Services has developed sound administrative policies and systems including policies and procedures for fund administration, procurement, general administration and dividend declaration. The firm’s management of Taxi processes and its inter-active and cooperative approach is well recognised not just in the Province but throughout the country.
Policy development
Under appointment from the North West Department of Transport, Roads and Community Safety, the organisation was appointed to develop monitoring and evaluation policies for the Department. Specific policies developed include:
  • Monitoring and evaluation;
  • Purchase of Government motor fleet;
  • Use of Government motor fleet;
  • Risk and fraud prevention; and
  • Subsidised motor vehicle
This appointment also provided for recommendations to the Department on additional policies required for consideration by the Department in enhancement of its monitoring and evaluation function.
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